KGFP Korea Global Forum for Peace 2021


ㆍ Theme: The Korean Peninsula and the US-China Strategic Competition

ㆍ Date & Time: August 31, 2021 (Tue) ┃10:50~12:20(KST)

ㆍ Organizer: East Asia Institute


The transition to a Joe Biden presidency foreshadows the emergence of a new Northeast Asian geo-political landscape amidst competition between U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy and China's One Belt One Road policy. The U.S. is strengthening bilateral and multilateral alliances, including the QUAD, emphasizing middle-power diplomacy and democratic norms. On the other hand, China strives to strengthen its status and is actively seeking to build solidarity with Russia and ASEAN member states to construct new international relations. Within this context, South Korea should seek to employ a complex, yet flexible diplomatic strategy to realize “Denuclearization & Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula.” The East Asia Institute (EAI) aims to discuss South Korea's North Korea strategy and the future of regional order in Northeast Asia amidst the U.S.-China competition.


Moderator - SOHN Yul (East Asia Institute, President)



- LI Tingting (Peking University, Associate Professor)

- KIMIYA Tadashi (The University of Tokyo, Professor)

- PARK Won Gon (Ewha Womans University, Professor)

- Andrew SCOBELL (United States Institute of Peace, Distinguished Fellow for China)



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