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Shaping the Conditions for Nuclear Futility
Shaping the Conditions for Nuclear Futility
November 20, 2023 | Dong-Yub Kim
Dong-Yub Kim, a professor of Military and Security Studies at the University of North Korean Studies, analyzes the motive behind DPRK’s unabated pursuit for improvement of nuclear capabilities. Highlighting that the DPRK will continue developing its nuclear arsenal to address external security threat and improve regime stability, Kim cautions that U.S.-ROK governments’ insistence on military response may be politically convenient but detrimental to the long-term stability of the Peninsula. To effectively address the North Korean nuclear issue, Kim proposes that South Korea should work towards creating conditions where nuclear weapons become irrelevant and ineffective. To achieve this goal, he calls for an approach that takes into account the comprehensive impact of nuclear weapons on humanity such as environment, climate, the economy, society, and culture.
Isolation or Integration? North Korea’s Diplomatic Network
Isolation or Integration? North Korea’s Diplomatic Network
November 13, 2023 | Antoine Bondaz
Antoine Bondaz, the Director of Korea Program on Security and Diplomacy at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), explores the state of North Korea’s diplomatic relations with the international community. The author points out that despite severing relations with numerous countries due to international sanctions, North Korea maintains diplomatic exchanges with a significant number of countries, rendering its nickname “hermit country” outdated. Highlighting that North Korea has been growingly prioritizing its relations with like-minded regimes facing international sanctions and pressure like itself, Bondaz claims that North Korea will continue “selective engagement” with specific partners in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia, while partially “decoupling” from hostile countries. This commentary was co-published by the FRS and Global NK.


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