December 12, 2022 |
Understanding North Korea’s Sociopolitical Structure
Understanding North Korea’s Sociopolitical Structure
December 05, 2022 | Gyun Yeol Park
Gyun Yeol Park, Professor at Gyeongsang National University, highlights that North Korea's one-party dictatorship centered around its supreme leader suppresses political participation and human rights and hinders North Korea from overcoming the hardships of low economic growth, inefficiency, and recessions. Considering that Seoul and Pyongyang should work together to address the issues on the Korean peninsula, Professor Park argues that seeking a nuanced understanding of North Korea is not a matter of choice but an essential task that demands serious research.
Thinking About North Korea
Thinking About North Korea
November 28, 2022 | Adrian Buzo
Adrian Buzo, a former professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, suggests that Kimism, or “the political philosophy of the former North Korean leader Kim Il Sung,” was shaped by cultist Japanese militarism and state-centralized Soviet Stalinism. Considering recent geopolitical trends, the failure of maximum pressure on Kim Jong-un’s regime, and the authoritarian ideologies that have shaped North Korea’s economic restructuring and nuclear program, Pyongyang will hardly opt into reforms or be persuaded by external forces.


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